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Pac-10 Media Day: Video and Quotes

By Dave Consolazio and Sam Saig, July 31, 2009 7:38 pm

Pac-10 Media Day really makes it hit home; football is right around the corner!  All 10 coaches enter the season with the same 0-0 record, and all have their own hopes and goals for the upcoming season.

Just wanted to make this post to help you get down to the nitty gritty and get you all caught up on your favorite team’s (and rival’s) day at Media Day.


The whole three hour and 30 minute event can be seen here, if you didn’t have the chance to see it live and you have a bit of extra time on your hands. In case you just want to see a particular team or two’s section, we’ve provided a time code to help you out;

The Rose Bowl Trophy

Arizona’s Mike Stoops and FS Cam Nelson – 01:47:58
Arizona State
’s Dennis Erickson and OLB Mike Nixon – 01:14:36
California’s Jeff Tedford and RB Jahvid Best – 02:08:45
Oregon’s Chip Kelly and CB Walter Thurmond III – 02:38:36
Oregon State’s Mike Riley and OLB Keaton Kristick – 02:25:26
Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh and RB Toby Gerhart – 00:58:01
UCLA’s Rick Neuheisel and MLB Reggie Carter – 00:39:45
USC’s Pete Carroll and FS Taylor Mays – 02:47:31
Washington’s Steve Sarkisian and OLB Donald Butler – 00:28:27
Washington State’s Paul Wulff and C Kenny Alfred – 00:17:58

Quotes has put up detailed quotes from each coach’s 15 minutes of Media Day fame. ESPN’s Ted Miller took some quick blurbs yesterday as each coach took the mic, summing up the jist of each coach’s key points.

These are the two places I’d suggest getting your quote fix.

Arizona – Pac-10.orgTed Miller
Arizona StatePac-10.orgTed Miller
CaliforniaPac-10.orgTed Miller
OregonPac-10.orgTed Miller
Oregon StatePac-10.orgTed Miller
StanfordPac-10.orgTed Miller
UCLAPac-10.orgTed Miller
USCPac-10.orgTed Miller - Ted Miller
Washington StatePac-10.orgTed Miller

Anyone else wish they could fastforward through August straight to September 3rd?

Pac-10 Media Day: USC Picked to Win Pac-10 in Media Poll

By Dave Consolazio and Sam Saig, July 30, 2009 3:45 pm

In what wasn’t too much of a surprise to anyone, for the seventh straight year, USC was voted by the media to be the favorite to win the Pac-10 title this season.

Only four voters were brave enough to put a team other than USC in their top spot; three chose Cal and one chose Oregon.

USC’s schedule looks to be pretty brutal this season with both the Cal and the Oregon games coming on the road, and this is the most vulnerable the Trojans have looked in years. But can you really blame the 28 voters that stuck with USC? The talent pool is never ending, and six straight finishes at the top is hard to ignore.

The Media Poll has correctly selected the winner of the Pac-10 for nine years in a row, and is 26 of 48 in doing so all time. Here are the results of the poll; 10 points for 1st, nine points for 2nd, eight points for 3rd, etc.

1. USC (28 first place votes)… 316 points
2. California (3 first place votes)… 277 points
3. Oregon (1 first place vote)… 250 points
4. Oregon State… 216 points
5. Arizona State… 155 points
6. Stanford… 150 points
7. UCLA… 145 points
8. Arizona… 142 points
9. Washington… 74 points
10. Washington State… 35 points

Unfortunately,’s invitation to media day apparently got lost in the mail this year. Alas, there is always next year. Just for fun, here is how the two of us would have voted had we filled out a ballot today.

Dave Sam
1. USC 1. USC
2. California 2. California
3. Oregon 3. Oregon
4. Oregon State 4. Oregon State
5. Stanford 5. Arizona State
6. Arizona 6. Arizona
7. Arizona State 7. Stanford
9. Washington 9. Washington
10. Washington State 10. Washington State

Those top four and bottom two teams seem pretty engrained in almost everyone’s heads; as for the middle of the pack, we’ll probably be mixing and matching for the whole month of August.

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